Quince jelly

Quince jelly is really easy to make at home, and it just tastes delicious. You can enjoy it with cheese or meat dishes, or use it to add flavor to your sauces. Read on to get the recipe.

Red quince jelly in a jar with fresh quinces beside it


Quinces are interesting fruits, somewhat resembling apples or pears but also unique in their own way. They have a highly perfumed and aromatic scent, and they work well in various recipes.

We were fortunate enough to have some quinces, and we decided to make jelly from some of them.

A quince jelly is perfect for a cheese board or simply on top of a cheese sandwich. It’s also great for adding flavor to sauces or serving with meat dishes, just like you would with currant jelly or apple jelly.

small jars of homemade quince jelly

Ingredient notes

Quinces – We used 1 kg of quinces, which is approximately 8 quinces, but this can vary depending on their size. 1 kg of quinces yields about 1 liter of finished jelly.

Sugar – Making jelly requires a fair amount of sugar, and quinces are naturally tart, so the sugar contributes to the taste of the final jelly. You’ll need 750 grams of sugar per finished liter of juice when making quince jelly, so it’s important to measure the juice after it’s been cooked and strained.

Lemon juice – You’ll need a bit of lemon juice as well. Use the juice from 2 fresh lemons for this portion.

How to make quince jelly?

Making quince jelly is actually quite simple. The first thing you should do is wash the quinces thoroughly and then cut them into rough pieces. It’s important not to remove the core because it contains a lot of pectin, which helps the jelly set. You don’t need to peel the quinces either.

Put the quince pieces in a pot with water and lemon juice, and then bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for about an hour until the quinces are completely soft and cooked down.

Then, strain the juice. Let the quinces drip completely for a few hours or overnight, and then measure the juice.

Transfer the pure juice to a clean pot, add the sugar, and bring it to a boil. Cook the juice and sugar for 25-30 minutes until it thickens and becomes a beautiful clear red color.

Place a spoonful on a cold plate and put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to see if the jelly sets. Skim the jelly and pour it into sterilized jars rinsed with vodka.

Do not seal the jars until the jelly has set, as sealing them too soon can prevent the jelly from setting due to condensation inside the jar.

Find the full recipe further down this page.

Various jars of quince jelly

Frequently asked questions

How do you store quince jelly?

We keep our jelly in a dark and cool pantry, and it lasts a long time there. Once opened, we store it in the fridge.

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Small jar of quince jelly with a spoon and a spoonful of jelly on top

Tips and tricks for the recipe

  • Do not remove the core from the quinces. Just wash them well and cut them into pieces. The core contains a lot of pectin, which helps the jelly set.

Serving suggestions

  • Serve it on a cheese board with your favorite cheeses or on a slice of homemade French bread with cheese.
  • Use it to flavor your sauces, just as you would with currant jelly.

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homemade jelly of quinces in small jars
two small jars of quince jelly

Recipe for jelly with quinces

Here’s our recipe for classic quince jelly. It’s really easy to make at home, and if you’re lucky enough to have quinces in your garden, it’s a great way to preserve their delicious flavor for the winter.

You can enjoy this jelly with cheese or use it to flavor your sauces, just like you would with currant jelly.

Red quince jelly in a jar with fresh quinces beside it

Quince jelly

Recipe for quince jelly
Delicious and beautifully red homemade quince jelly. If you have quinces in your garden, it's time to start making jelly. It's perfect for pairing with cheese, meat, game, or on a slice of homemade bread.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Course Jam
Cuisine Danish
Servings 6 small jars
Calories 587 kcal


  • 1 kg quinces approximately 8 pieces
  • 1 liter water or enough to cover the quinces
  • 2 lemons the juice
  • 750 grams sugar


  • Wash the quinces and scrub them thoroughly. Cut them into rough pieces (no need to peel or remove the core) and place them in a pot. Pour lemon juice and water over the quince pieces until they’re covered, and bring the pot to a boil. I use approximately 1 liter of water for 1 kg of quinces.
    1 kg quinces, 1 liter water, 2 lemons
  • Let the quinces simmer for an hour with the lid on until they are completely tender.
  • Strain the juice. Use a jelly stand or a strainer with a clean cloth. Let the juice drip for a few hours until all the juice has drained. Measure the juice after that and transfer it to a clean pot.
  • Add sugar to the juice. You should use 750 grams of sugar per liter of juice. I got 1 liter of juice from this batch. Bring the juice to a boil with the sugar. Let it simmer for about 25-30 minutes until it thickens and turns a beautiful red color.
    750 grams sugar
  • Take a spoonful and place it on a cold plate, then put it in the refrigerator. Check if the jelly sets within a couple of minutes in the fridge; if it doesn’t, it needs to be cooked a little longer.
  • Remove any foam from the top of the jelly with a spoon and pour the finished jelly into clean, sterilized jars, which can be rinsed with alcohol for extended shelf life.
  • Allow the jelly to cool completely before sealing the jars to ensure the jelly sets properly.


Serving: 1jarCalories: 587kcalCarbohydrates: 153gProtein: 1gFat: 1gSaturated Fat: 0.03gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.1gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.1gSodium: 17mgPotassium: 381mgFiber: 4gSugar: 126gVitamin A: 75IUVitamin C: 44mgCalcium: 34mgIron: 1mg
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