Core Temperature Duck

If you need to cook Duck and look for the right core temperature, then you have come to the right place. Here you will get recommended core temperature for duck, both whole duck roast, duck breast, duck breast and duck breast roast. Read along here and learn more about what temperature duck should be.

Carving Pink Done
Whole duck roast Not recommended 75°C
Duck thighs Not recommended 75°C
Duck breast 68°C 75°C
Duck breast roast 68-70°C 75°C
Duck breast sous vide 58°C 62°C
Duck thighs sous vide Not recommended 68°C
Confit duck thighs sous vide Not recommended 75°C

Frequently asked questions about core temperature for duck

Can duck be pink?

In general, it is recommended that poultry be prepared at a core temperature of 75°C, to ensure that there are no bacteria that can make us sick. However, duck breast is often served pink or medium, because a well-done duck breast often becomes dry and boring to eat. So Yes, duck can be pink, but if you cook a whole duck, it is recommended to roast it to done.

How many degrees should a duck be?

When cooking a whole duck roast, cook it until the core temperature is 75°C. Use a thermometer to check if the duck has reached the desired temperature. You should go for a core temperature of 75°C both if you cook your duck roast in the oven or on the grill.

Where should the thermometer sit in a duck?

You need to stick the tip of your thermometer where the heat has the most difficulty reaching in. That is, in the thickest piece of meat, which is most often in the chest or thigh. Avoid sticking the thermometer all the way in so that it reaches the bones or goes all the way through. Often the thigh may take longer to cook than the breast meat, so always check if the thigh is finished if you have had the thermometer sitting in the breast meat before taking the duck out of the oven.

How do I know if my duck is finished if I don’t have a cooking thermometer?

If you don’t have a cooking thermometer when cooking your duck, then you should follow the time in the recipes you follow. You check if the duck is finished by sticking in the chest and thigh with a fork or meat needle, all the way to the bone. If the juice comes out clear, then the duck is finished, it is bloody, then the duck should be prepared a little longer.

Why can you cook duck at a lower temperature in sous vide?

When we make duck breast in sous vide, the temperature is often set at 58 degrees, but how can we be sure to get the bacteria killed at such a low temperature? It is simply because when sous vide cooking, the meat is prepared over a longer period of time, and therefore you can use lower temperatures. So you don’t need to fry duck to 75°C when cooking in sous vide.

How do you like to cook duck?

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