Twisted garlic bread with herbs

It's barbecue season, and that also means delicious bread to accompany the meal. This garlic herb bread tastes absolutely fantastic, looks beautiful, and is easy to make.

Once the dough has risen for 30 minutes, roll it out into a rectangle, about ½ cm thick.

See how to make the twisted bread


Spread the garlic/herb butter evenly over the dough.

Roll the dough from the short side into a log.

Cut the log in half, but leave it attached at one end.

Twist the two ends together, with the openings in the dough facing upward. Press the ends together firmly.

Let it rise for 30 minutes, and then bake it until golden and delicious. Now it is ready to serve for your family.

The bread is delicious for barbecue, for soups and casseroles or as a side dish for dinner or lunch.

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